Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport passenger's FAQs

Answers to passengers frequently asked questions


What are the COVID requirements to enter or exit from the airport?

As of April 7, those entering the country (both residents and visitors) will no longer be required to take the PCR test.
Argentines, and those residing in the country, must:
  • Complete the Affidavit at least 48 hours before the trip.

Those who enter the country for a period of less than 24 hours will be exempted. and do it by land.

Non-resident foreigners must:
  • Complete the Affidavit at least 48 hours before the trip.
  • Submit COVID-19 health insurance (Coverage for hospitalization, isolation and/or medical transfer services).

Those who enter the country for a period of less than 24 hours will be exempted. and do it by land.

Those non-resident foreigners of Ukrainian nationality or from that country, while they remain in a transitory migratory situation, must have COVID-19 health insurance if they do not have any other form of health coverage.

Recommendations for those entering the country

People who have an incomplete vaccination schedule are recommended to undergo a diagnostic test within 24 hours after entering the country.

If a positive or suspected case of COVID 19 is detected or reported at the point of entry, the Contingency Plan for that Point of Entry will be activated.

For further details on the circulation within the country, as well as for the entry or exit of the country CLICK HERE.

Is it possible to have a COVID-19 test at the airport?

ON JULY 31, OPERATIONS ENDS AT BOTH AIRPORTS. The Stamboulian Health Center, in charge of the tests both at the Ministro Pistarini International Airport and at the Jorge Newbery Airport, completed the service at the airports. To carry out COVID-19 tests, you can go to one of its centers, with a prior shift managed online or by phone at 011 2206-6000. For more details and current rates  CLICK HERE

What is the best way of transportation between the airport and the city of Buenos Aires?

Manuel Tienda Leon shtuttle bus services or van services (for tourist groups or families) represent the best value for money to connect the airport with the Terminal Madero, in the city center of Buenos Aires. It departs every 30 minutes and the journey time is 50 minutes. More details and rates for WhatsApp (+54 9 11 5450-9599) or direct lines 24 hours 0810-888-LEON (5366) - (5411) 4314-3636 / 4315-5115

Is it possible to get a SIM card at the airport?

You can purchase a SIM card (in Argentina called "chip") when you arrive at Ezeiza Airport. After collecting your luggage and making migrations, you access the public hall and will find a Personal store (one of the mobile service providers in Argentina).

What to do in case I have a long layover or a flight delay?

In case you have a long layover for connection, although Ezeiza Airport does not have a wide variety of entertainment services, it offers a good gastronomic variety (cafes and snacks, fast food and typical argentinian cuisine) as well as regional shops and duty free. Some dining and shopping options are available 24 hours a day. In turn you can get free internet access, and also access to several Vip lounges making your waiting more comfortable.

What if I want to rest or sleep, is there a resting area or hotel inside?

There are no hotels within Ezeiza Airport, but you can get some accommodation alternatives nearby such as Eze Inn Boutique Hotel, Posada de las Águilas Hotel Boutique, Bernie's Bed & Breakfast, Hospedaje El Nagual, Posada Quinta Pata. SEARCH AND BOOK. There are no resting areas at the airport. You must get a Vip membership for accessing to one of the several airport VIP Lounges. They offer more comfortable spaces. In some of them, you can pay at the door.

Where are the Uber and Cabify pick up areas?

If you use Uber or other transportation app, you'll need to wait for it in the parking area and coordinate with the driver to find it. Passengers pick up / drop off are are exclusive to official taxis. The estimated rate between downtown Buenos Aires and the airport ranges from 15 to 20 usd.

What to do in case of loss of valuables or luggage?

In case of losing documentation or belongings in the terminals or parking areas, you must contact the Airport Security Police (PSA): tel 011-5193-0200 internal 11025. Every day 24 hours. If your bags or personal effects were lost during the trip, you should check with your airline.

Are there any banking or exchange services?

The currency exchange office of Banco de la Nación Argentina is available 24 hours a day at Terminal A. In turn, Banco Nacion provides banking services in the Corporate Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 building.

Is there a free parking lot at Ezeiza Airport?

There is a free parking sector for up to 1 hour, called "Area de Espera" (Waiting Area). Bookings are only made for long stays, up to 48 hours before your arrival at the airport and you can enter the E4 uncovered parking by scanning the QR code of your purchase coupon at the barriers. To print your voucher click HERE. To see the rates and more information about parking at the Ezeiza airport, click HERE.

How do I get the Tax (VAT) refund

Foreign passengers may request VAT refund for purchases of domestically produced goods, made in the country at the premises attached to this system. Ezeiza Global Blue Airport is responsible for this procedure. (In Terminal A, public and boarding area and in Terminal C in the public area (newsstand).