Parking at Ezeiza Airport

The airport has 5 sectors: E1 (uncovered), E2 (multilevel memberships), E3 (multilevel), E4 (long stay) and E5 (uncovered). The E4 parking lot is only available by prior reservation. Within the long-stay sector, there is also a waiting area, where you can park free of charge for one hour while waiting for a passenger.

In the other parking lots, spaces are subject to availability. There are reserved spaces for people with disabilities, pregnant women and official authorities. The first hour is not split, then it is split every half hour.


Parking Lot E1

Located in front of the International Arrivals connector
1660 parking spaces

Parking Lot E2

Located in front of the New Departures Terminal
713 parking spaces
4 covered floors and open terrace
VIP Club parking

Parking Lot E3
Located in front of the International Arrivals Terminal
340 covered parking spaces
50 uncovered parking spaces

Parking Lot E4
Located on Autopista Richieri (on the opposite side of the airport complex)
Only with reservation up to 24 hours in advance
Stays of 7, 14 or 21 days
1674 uncovered parking spaces
Electric vehicles for connection to the terminals

Parking Lot E5

Located in front of the Domestic Arrivals Terminal
380 uncovered parking spaces


Waiting Area

Exclusive waiting area for passengers inside parking lot E4. You have one hour of free parking. There are 102 open-air parking spaces and it has restrooms, gastronomy and flight status screens.

Shuttle Service

It covers the trip from the long-stay parking lot to the terminals and vice versa.
Travel time: 10 minutes.

Hybrid and electric car charging

Located in front of the International Arrivals Terminal, next to parking lot E3.

Primary mechanical assistance
Check availability of the following services at Tel +54 11 3987 4150:
- Air charge for tires
- Starter battery charging
- Tire change assistance

*Rates updated as of June 4, 2024. Subject to change at any time. Confirm rates with the managing body before booking.

Parking E1/E5

Van / SUVAR$2.900AR$15.000

Parking E2/E3

Van / SUVAR$3.500AR$17.000

Parking E4

- 7 days: AR$53000
- 14 days: AR$83000
- 21 days: AR$98000

Reservation is required to obtain the voucher and then be able to make the payment.

Payment methods available

Automatic payment machines located in all airport parking lots.

Cash (pesos / dollars), credit and debit cards, TelePASE

Parking fee exemption for people with disabilities

Vehicles driven by or transporting persons with disabilities are exempt from paying the parking fee. To obtain this benefit, the vehicle must have the International Access Symbol (IAS) fixed or mobile (they must not coexist) and the person/s with a disability must be present.


You can request it with your ID in order to verify that the IAS corresponds to the person with disability present in the vehicle.
The fee is not waived if the disabled person is not in the vehicle.
It is not necessary to present the disability certificate. Only the IAS symbol must be displayed.


Disabled spaces operate without prior reservation and are subject to availability upon arrival at the airport. We recommend you to present yourself with extra time to be able to wait, if necessary.