Cab services and applications (ride-sharing)

taxis Ezeiza airport

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Taxis and remises

Cabs and remises available at the Arrival areas of the terminals. Fare to downtown: USD14.00-18.00. Estimated travel time: 45 minutes.

For your safety, use only official and authorized cabs and remises.

On Baires Transfer
Tel +54 11 5480 1215
Tel +54 11 2338 6874
[email protected]

Vip Cars
Tel +54 11 5480 4594

Transfer Express
Tel +54 11 5811 1986
Tel 0 800 444 4872
[email protected]

Manuel Tienda León
Tel +54 11 4314 3636
Tel +54 11 4315 5115
Tel 0 810 888 5366
[email protected]

Taxis Municipalidad de Ezeiza (white with blue roof)
Depend on the Municipality of Ezeiza
Tel +54 11 5480 0066

Taxis Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (black color with yellow roof)
Depend on the Municipality of the city of Buenos Aires
Tel +54 11 4320 0706

Uber and Cabify

Stops located outside the Arrival areas are exclusive for cabs and remises. This means that Uber and Cabify drivers must pick up their passengers in other areas.

In the case of Uber, you will have to coordinate the pick-up point with the driver through the app, although they usually pick up their passengers in the parking areas.

For Cabify users, you should follow the instructions below:

International Arrivals Terminal

  • After picking up your luggage, exit to the public area and walk towards the main exit, where you will see a Havanna store on your left and a McDonald's on your right. On your way out, you will meet your assigned driver.

 See location

Domestic Arrivals Terminal

  • Once you have collected your bags, go through the sliding doors to the lobby, walk to the main exit and outside the building you will meet your driver.

 See location

Estimated fare: USD11.00-13.00.